#6: LEGO Castle Piece 1 & 2

Castle Piece 1

Andy asked me to write about the castle I built. So I decided it would look better using grayscale, high contrast and changing exposure settings. This is a dark castle.

This is where they used to prepare for battle.

Sharp and icy winds would howl through these causeways.

A flight of stairs from one tower platform to another, but no way to get to either from the ground…

The ominous front gateway.

A tactical defense portal.

Arrows and firebombs could be lobbed from within.

The flag waves in the chill wind that blows.

Castle Piece 2

When you go in the portal and there’s no portal back to the castle, you go to this land called LEGO Castle City.

These characters that are in the gate are caught by the king and stay here until the king says you can get out, but you must promise this: you will not try to steal crystals from my kingdom! You will not try to take over my kingdom!

He wants the king to help him collect money because he wants to make a really expensive creation that’s 1,000 LEGO pieces but costs 100,000,000 LEGO bucks and studs.

The golden chest is what the king wants to find and know where it is, but lost. It’s lost because he cannot reach it – he does not have a trampoline or a ladder.

It has a weapon that the wizard wants to steal. That’s the character at the second picture that’s with the black hat that’s pointing a little bit up.

I’ve been protecting the castle for two thousand and ten hundred years! I’ve been working so hard that there’s a new troll and two kings – trolls kings, and queens! The big troll is protected by the trolls and the troll bilms. The king is about to have a meeting with me. What do I say? Do I say I wish to get out of here and make someone do the other job? Answer that: yes or no.

The wizard is trying to steal the crystal that’s on this thing that’s like a pedestal but not. It’s tricky to keep it careful and nobody’s allowed to guard it – if someone guards it, they’re under arrest – for good! That includes the wizard but its hard for him to do it because its tricky to get onto there. The characters are very important for this picture.

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