#8: LEGO Map

Thanks for looking at this! This is a LEGO map of where you can find treasure. There’s a hidden red ‘X’ in the dirt next to the LEGO person. Follow the red lines, not black lines you would see on a regular treasure map – follow it like that. The LEGO person has a shovel and also has a bat that’s his pet. He only eats fruit. He helps him find trails on the map that might be helping. If you find a new hidden path and you can’t see it, the bat will see it and you must follow the  bat. There’s three ‘X”s of treasure. The one that I told you about in the dirt has a portal in it that can portal you so that you can use water and flying and you can fly. While flying you can grab water and you can put it in something or on it. Doesn’t work in the summer, but you can still fly in the summer. The other two – starting with the one on the very top, has the most powerful rich gold. Each piece of gold gives you 1,000,000 candy and trillion LEGO bricks of money. The other one makes you go in a portal to the islander one. You get to go there if you do it. I did not build this with LEGOs, I drawed it. Well, thanks for looking at this again! Bye!

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