#13: The LEGO World Piece 2

It was really tricky to build but after I found all those pieces I need, I built this.

UPPER LEFT: It looks like someone shooted (shot I mean) an arrow in it. The white thing I’m talking about is like you can use as an arrow and like anything else and can use like an umbrella.

CENTER MAZE: This is a weird building thing I made. It was very hard to create it and so I wasn’t able to make it what I was going for, but it’s okay. These tiles are like from a old castle – like that castle Papa built. That’s all about that one.

This one’s about all these pieces – you have to have a lot of LEGO things in order to build something like this. It takes certain pieces – I bet you can make something even better than this! There’s some of these have hidden black things like that blue part. The gray part in it – some of them have black umm two circles in one that connect to certain other stuff.

This one has a golden weapon which is from one of my LEGO Atlantis sets. Its a tiny volcano that has one of the bad guy’s weapons from Atlantis sets. Under the brown part of the volcano – if you can see, there’s a blue part. Under the blue part is a gray LEGO piece.

When I was playing LEGOs, it was falling apart, so I used the pieces that falled apart. The thing that’s making it so you can’t see all of the LEGO guy I’m calling it a shield. Its hard also to find the pieces you can attach stuff to with this – in the front of it. I really hope you enjoyed this and hope you liked the armor and gold stuff.

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