#17: The Wizard’s Graveyard 1

The Wizard’s graveyard is a really dangerous place. There’s a lot of people trying to destroy the evil from them but they kept failing. some people lived and only defeated some and were safe until they had to fight the wizard.

The Wizard has magical powers that nobody’s ever destroyed or stopped! The Wizard has a secret skeleton army in the biggest graveyard I’ll soon build. The Wizard collects weapons from the enemies he fights and defeats. The more powers from them when he defeats them. He has a chance to collect magical powers that are hidden. If the Wizard is defeated, the skeletons are defeated.

This guy was falling for a trap! He was really tired and he listened to the Wizard for a trick so he would lose his magic notebook about power and wisdom, and then the Wizard would rule the world for five thousand a million trillion centuries – like a lot of them.

This is the magic wheel from the Wizard that built this. The Wizard turns it and magical things happen – anything he says. Especially evil things. The skateboard doesn’t do anything, but if it is facing a serious problem theres another piece in a different picture that makes the skateboard move.

In this picture, it has the piece the skateboard goes to. There’s an axe on it. On one of the side is this poison thing that makes it so its hard to breathe. It only effects some people like city cops from LEGO city.Firemen don’t get it cast on them because they have special masks that protect them.

A LEGO person battling this weird skeleton bird, but instead it destroyed him instead of the bird getting destroyed. That brown stick you’re seeing is a magic wand. This wand does stuff for good. Like let’s say it heals something – that’s something in the good section… Let’s say if it’s magic was to destroy a good guy. The magic doesn’t do that because that’s in the bad section.  Do you get it? I hope you do get it! Build something cool like IP do sometimes!


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