#18: My First Car Ever Built

Here is the new LEGO car I just created today. I think I’ll get better. I keep building cars that weren’t working for me as well but now I’ve finally got it through and I think I’ll finally build another car and put it on this website.

Here you can see this is where they put stuff in and come in at. The top is where the driver sits and all of a sudden will get to the destination.
Even to a new house plus plus it can hold up to 13 packages on the bottom side and on the top side it can hold 13 times 2.

On the top of this you should be able to see this electrical panel. There’s also a parking thing under the panel on the black side – there should be a white ‘P’ with blue everywhere else in the square. Maybe you could race a car that looks exactly like this but with different LEGO bricks. I hoped you enjoyed building a car for the first time if you haven’t built one. That’s all!

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