#19: The LEGO Game 1

This is just like a Robotech game game but it has different things and its in LEGO, plus there are bombs. There’s a weird bird in it, and the first one who finds the secret way to get the crystal wins.

Here you should be able to see the good guy base. Its not really a base, though. The base is a red circle. You could upgrade it to an actual base but its actually an actual house. Upgrade levels and soon it will look different – just one LEGO piece could upgrade the house to a new LEGO thing. The brown helmet piece is a pilot helmet. There’s booby traps and lots of evil things in it.

If you can see the enemy base, that means that the enemy’s nearby easily in the game. You can only move one spot, but there’s also even weirder traps – like soon you’ll be in different levels and traps will overcome. Then the board will change every ten levels. You have to collect three crystals before finishing one whol level. Watch out for the bad guys!

Here is a great picture of the enemy base. Same thing as the last time, but they have their base with a grapple hand that makes it an actual ship! The enemies are a little complicated plus they have special things like only one drill plow like that and its the same but see it only works on flat LEGO pieces. If you don’t wanna know what it is, it’s the only black thing that isn’t gray. Anything not black or flat but there’s only one black piece and little dots saying LEGO there’s a red thing attached to it and it moves o there. Sometimes it gains speed while attacking.

This is the bird I am talking about. I tried to make it something like a phantom but I knew it wouldn’t work because I added a skeleton arm with it. This bird just gobbles up anything it puts its mouth on. If your character is getting chased by a drill plow, this is one of the best places to make a drill plow go. Make pretend copies of you in level 11 and they will chase them and they will lead you to the bird. There’s two drill blows on level 11. Every time you defeat up to five levels, you earn one character with the extra to be playing with in the game – you create just one character. You can change the game board if you want! You are level five. Or ten or fifteen – anything that goes with level five.


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