#21: The Golden Temple World 1

This is the map to the Golden Temple with special items. People without this map will never be able to reach here. There are some secret guards that aren’t on the map, so be careful!

The bricks that are on this are pieces of the Golden Temple.

Inside the temple there is a explorer that wants the itmes but it has a little silvery weapon.

This is the guard. The guard is just trying to hurt the trespasser from getting into the temple. The trap was to make him play a video game.

He didn’t expect the guard to come while he was playing the video game!  This guy that’s getting hurt is almost actual hurt from the weapon. He is an explorer too.

This is the main explorer. His weapon has the apple from the items in the temple. There’s a hammer in the temple that he’s right next to. All the other explorers were making the guard distracted and he was going into the temple. He solved the puzzle really quick! There’s two puzzles and the second one is really tricky to solve. If you take the hammer, this may help to explore. The hammer has a special power. If you are about to destroy something, you can say “kwuh, kwuh, kwuh” with the hammer. Them it’ll make a huge quake in the ground!

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