#30: Horror Castle Parts Three, Four & Five

Click to enlarge. This is where the place is connected. The dungeon is the lowest part with the old man. The highest part is where the evil king is. The medium one  is the town. There’s a graveyard near it where monsters appear sometimes! There also a place with a mysterious island and one person who stole a trophy and is going to do something with it and there’s a treasure chest. It’s one of the best spots for fishing!

Click to enlarge. This is the person who stole the trophy. He’s gonna use it so he can go into a portal to a new world. Sometimes he may go to the video game or go back in time.

Click image to enlarge. There’s a LEGO person that was evil and trying to kill people in the town. There was one who killed it with help from another knight. You can only see the one that needed help.

Click image to enlarge. This is where there’s a playground being built and this is one where one of the best fishing spots are. People catch up to 75 fish a week! 2,000,000 a year, and 550 in two months.  If you find a certain key, or a certain item, you can enter the dungeon from here. That makes it so you go to the lowest floor!

Click image to enlarge. There’s a knight who doesn’t believe destruction is the best thing in the world – the evil king does, though. He wants to destroy all life in other kingdoms and other parts of the world and put them in the graveyards.

Click image to enlarge. This is the dungeon. This man in the dungeon is evil and he has a scorpion that spies in the other rooms for him, and he talks to it with his special powers. There’s a broken machine in the room and the gate looks different than the other side because this side is bigger but looks different.

Click image to enlarge. This is where the evil king likes to sit a lot. He has a black magic wand that produces black magic. He tamed the dragon which is in the next door going down. He has his own mailbox that he gets his mail from. This is how he got the evil magic wand – that’s when he wanted to destroy things.

Click image to enlarge. This is where people chop wood. Also this is where the playground’s being built. There’s a policeman in it and a secret agent that nobody knows is a agent who works for the policeman and the policeman works for the king. There’s a tree that’s cursed with the evil tentacles that the king made for outsiders to be dead. There was a thing with a brown magic wand that was broken and he wants the people to fix it that way he will never have to battle an enemy as long as its like that. The brown magic wand produces white magic and restores life points so people can be alive longer and it also will cure people of poison if they’re poisoned. Also burns and makes food and its a perfect weapon for magic duels.

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