#33: LEGO 70400 Forest Ambush

LEGO Forest Ambush 70400

They’re trying to protect the chest full of treasure from the Dragon troops. They’re basically in a battle and the King’s knights are trying to protect the treasure, basically.

LEGO Forest Ambush 70400

The flags are the colors of the King’s troops.

In the chest are six gold coins, three different colored gems and agolden cup.

The dog is one of the King’s dogs that help the knights win battles because it can bite the enemies. It also helps when the knights get lost – the dog can help the knights get back to the castle.

There are two dragon troops – the one with the cool helmet and spiky weapon is the leader. He operated the secret base. The knights – one has a spear and the other has a sword.

It took ten to fifteen minutes to build and had about 90 pieces. There were a couple extra pieces which was pretty cool. This is the first set with knights in it on my website. I really like the set. My favorite part about it is the coins and gems inside the chest, because now I have six gems.


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