Legoville The Game

todays the day that I post another Lego mini game! I have been not posting for a bit, but… I’ve started to build again! here are some pics of this mini game.


This is the prize! A dimond! I thoght ware to put the prize and I chose the end of the board! I thoght I could make the minifigs Go on an adventure! Also the names of these minifigs are shone later.


This is frank, the indain with hope! I think this indain had a bad start in the game.


Laval, Wildstyle and Emmet  are having trouble with getting past the system! there is also are friend princess unkitty! there tring and tring but no luck. the way to open the gate is by getting six on the dice one or two dice are needed to play this game!


I  took a pic of this gate so you can see it! after the gate is opened you win a dimond! and you say who’s in 4th 3rd and 2nd place! also today insted of a lego brick of the day we’ll do info of Emmet! Emmet is nine years old, his favorite snack is french fries, and he is help full. well I hope you have a great day bye!

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