#47 trains!

Hi! Lego fans! today if you also like trains, today’s you’re lucky day!


This is a 3 in 1 set! you can build 1 of 3 train parts! the trains connect and can be pulled just by the back or the front! the leading part is my favorite! if you have lego tracks… put the train on them, push it, and the train will move!


These are the parts you can build… front, carrage, and back! If you like trains and get this set, do first the front!


My dad (the ramen rater) is holding the finished train! If you got 3 sets, build all 3 parts! Noodle lovers should also visit http://theramenrater.com! If you like pokemon visit my other website at http://pokemonandy.wordpress.com! Or tap on pokemonandy on the top right corner! So I’ve got 2 more sets after this that will be done next time. If you can terria the game is super famous, also known as the side scroller minecraft! I hilley recemend it! If you like construckshen then you’ll like one of the next 2! If you love the lego movie then you’ll like the other one! Lego minecraft is popular! If you love legos and minecraft… then you will love the lego minecraft micros, and normal sized ones, posts #42-#46 have 4 diferent lego minecraft sets! If you like pokemon also visit http://pokemon.com!  If you can’t find legos any ware go to the lego store! If you can’t find lego minecraft the lego store and target mite have some. Well I have to go lego fans,BYE, BYE!

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