#40 Lego Pencil Case


welcome back lego fans! todays post is a lego pencil case! I must not open it in til school starts up again. my guess is that it can store 3-9 pencils! and I think I’m right.


this is what it looks like all the way, talking about legos brick of the day is a yellow 2×2 brick. hope ypu liked this post, bye!

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#39 ninjago alarm clock


Welcome back! today I’m showing you my ninjago alarm clock! it is asome all right, button 1 alous time to be set, button 2 is alarm set button 3 adds a hour and button 4 adds  a min.


This is the fire sword kai uses, it is extreamly hot! A powerful weppon for battle! Well that’s it for now , and that ninja is named kai bye the way, Bye!

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#38 stud mystery

DSC00363 DSC00362 DSC00360 DSC00359 DSC00361

Welcome back! I made this creashoin out of more than 1,500 bricks! I bet you like challenges, so this set you’re helping me find the lego studs there is 10 studs to find, I used laval, ginger bread man, pc manic, skate border, 1 of harry potter’s teachers heads, and a sea pirate(halve mermaid halve pirate). Hope you play with legos, Bye!

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#37: 70803 Cloud Cuckoo Palace


If you watched the lego movie, then you know what this is…               CLOUD CUCKOO PALACE!


Say hi to unikitty! She lives in cloud cuckoo land, And is halve uinicorn and halve cat!


These poeple are Emmet(the hero)and wildstyle(real name is luicy, hero’s best friend, used to be boy and girl with batman!)


The snail isn’t in The lego movie, though it comes with one, I think its unikitty’s best friend.


oh-no! an executron came to take Emmet away! Lord Business has at least 1,000,000 robots that serve him!

DSC00357This is cloud cuckoo palace for ya! Hope you also look for the melting chamber! Bye!

P.S. please tap on  http://pokemonandy.wordprees.com for me pokemon fans!

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#36: 70123 LEGO CHIMA Legend BEAST (Lion)


Welcome!If you like CHIMA then your in for a treat!This is the box for CHIMA’s LEGEND BEAST!This is only one of the five CHIMA LEGEND BEASTs!This one is the lion LEGEND BEAST there is also Eagle,Gorilla,Crocodile,and

Wolf LEGEND BEASTs!For under $10.00 dollars!


This is the back of the LEGEND BEAST (Lion)Also Laval From the Lion TRIBE,Is really Curios,gets into trouble and is the son of the KING Lion is on the legend beast!

This is the side of the legend beast,the beast has sharp claws to attack,shred,hunt,protect,and eat!

this is the front of the legend beast,Laval Lav-al has a shield and a chi sword and also is sitting on the legend beast!

I dedicate this to my dad,the Ramen Rater, http://www.ramen rater.com please go on it!

I did this review all by my self!I got this set at toys’r’us!

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#35: LEGO 71002 Series 11 Minifigures!

Today’s my birthday, which is on Memorial Day – it is very exciting and surprising! I even got to open one of these and got the one I wanted! I opened the right one first, then the left.

These are the parts of the right one and the one I wanted.

This is the Gingerbread Man! He has swirly stripes on some of his parts. He has a cup that says ‘dunk me,’ and my Stepmom said that she thinks his head looks like a sandwich!

These are the parts for the left one.

This is the British Cop! I did not expect this minifigure; I only knew he was a cop because of it’s body and then my Dad told me that it’s a British Cop. My Stepmom noticed a moustache on this minifigure.

These are the two minifigures next to eachother and you can see they each have something that they hold. One has a hat you can put on, the other you can’t put a hat on at all. Well, that’s the end of this review! I hope you have a good Memorial Day! Bye!

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#34: LEGO 70720 – Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu Hover Hunter

This is the LEGO Ninjago Hover Hunter set. I don’t know much about it yet because it’s from the new season four of Ninjago. The reason I got this is because I really like how it looks with that cool weapon – it’s really interesting. Let’s check it out!

This is the Hover Hunter. The enemies use it to try and destroy the ninjas. As far as I know so far, Sensei Wu has become evil in this and the guys look like they are robots – that’s my guess as to what they are. This was really interesting to build – there were three different things to combine and then you put the character in it. It was medium hard to build. It’s really fascinating that they even installed little things you can push and missiles pop out.

This is a picture of one of the guys that are the enemy of the ninjas and is one of the guys that I think is a robot. I think it was pretty cool how it came with that thing that makes him look like he is pushing buttons.

This is the back of the Hover Hunter. There is scientific stuff that makes it go so fast so that the robots can capture the ninjas.

There’s a blade you can see which is used on the Hover Hunter to destroy enemies I think – I’m not really sure. I think it’s supposed to cut stuff like trees.

This is the special weapon Cole has. It is made out of three pieces; two of them are made out of the Golden Nunchuks of Lightning. The third piece is some kind of piece I don’t really know.

This is Cole himself with his special weapon. He’s the leader of the ninjas, and is second place in helping the ninjas out a lot. He can choose fast decisions when they are in trouble. In this case, he also has a mask on to cover his mouth so they can’t identify him – so they basically don’t know his identity.

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