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#49 best lock cop car!

Today I reveiw what I think is a cop and motorcyll!



There’s a blue cop riding a blue motorcyll & a brown and black dog! It comes with more but right now I want to talk about the cop. My Stepmom’s favorite TV show is chips, its about two cops who do silly things + can be sereus!


this is when it was finished! there’s also a red stop sign! the dog will be hard to put on so I made it so it could fit it in!


Not least but not last… GUNS! there is a rocket launcher, a pistol, and a, well I don’t know but my older brother (austin) and timothy are crazy about gun games! I can name gun games they are: call of duty, and sanshro. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of gun and blood and nife games! I perfer toys and diffent video games! like pokemon for example and playing out side! I love making new friends every day that I play outside! my favorite book series is… nancy drew and the hardy boys! my top book of all time is… Charlie And The Choclate Factory! I like to blog ┬ámore and more that I blog! well I’ve gotta go, Bye!

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#26: BEST-LOCK TOWN Series Police Car

Here’s Andy’s second video review! Hope you like it!

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