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#35: LEGO 71002 Series 11 Minifigures!

Today’s my birthday, which is on Memorial Day – it is very exciting and surprising! I even got to open one of these and got the one I wanted! I opened the right one first, then the left.

These are the parts of the right one and the one I wanted.

This is the Gingerbread Man! He has swirly stripes on some of his parts. He has a cup that says ‘dunk me,’ and my Stepmom said that she thinks his head looks like a sandwich!

These are the parts for the left one.

This is the British Cop! I did not expect this minifigure; I only knew he was a cop because of it’s body and then my Dad told me that it’s a British Cop. My Stepmom noticed a moustache on this minifigure.

These are the two minifigures next to eachother and you can see they each have something that they hold. One has a hat you can put on, the other you can’t put a hat on at all. Well, that’s the end of this review! I hope you have a good Memorial Day! Bye!

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