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Legoville The Game

todays the day that I post another Lego mini game! I have been not posting for a bit, but… I’ve started to build again! here are some pics of this mini game.


This is the prize! A dimond! I thoght ware to put the prize and I chose the end of the board! I thoght I could make the minifigs Go on an adventure! Also the names of these minifigs are shone later.


This is frank, the indain with hope! I think this indain had a bad start in the game.


Laval, Wildstyle and Emmet  are having trouble with getting past the system! there is also are friend princess unkitty! there tring and tring but no luck. the way to open the gate is by getting six on the dice one or two dice are needed to play this game!


I  took a pic of this gate so you can see it! after the gate is opened you win a dimond! and you say who’s in 4th 3rd and 2nd place! also today insted of a lego brick of the day we’ll do info of Emmet! Emmet is nine years old, his favorite snack is french fries, and he is help full. well I hope you have a great day bye!

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#42 legoland (LEGO bricks from my collection) staring Emett


welcome to my form of LEGO land, I have been working on this for a while now! here’s the name of the minifigs, sea pirate, unikity, bob, crazyman there is more in the next picks.


This is a pick of the place. try making your own LEGO land!


oh no! a robot is behind emett! Also wildstyel (liucy) is dancing with emett!


Mr. snail is friends with the gigner bread man! they met on the slug site! today’s brick of the day is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. a blue flat 1×2 piece! well good bye!

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#41 Lego Erasers


Welcome back Lego fans today I’m showing you  a 4 pack of 2×4 Lego bricks, but look closely and its a pack of Lego erasers. I can not open these ether, school erasers. todays brick of the day is a light green Lego stud! Did you know that in the Lego movie theres Lego bricks in cloud coocoo land that makes a halve sized mini figure snail! to see the snail go to post #37. The coluer of 1 lego brick is red, 2 yellow, 3 green and 4 orange. well that’s it for today, BYE!

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#40 Lego Pencil Case


welcome back lego fans! todays post is a lego pencil case! I must not open it in til school starts up again. my guess is that it can store 3-9 pencils! and I think I’m right.


this is what it looks like all the way, talking about legos brick of the day is a yellow 2×2 brick. hope ypu liked this post, bye!

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#39 ninjago alarm clock


Welcome back! today I’m showing you my ninjago alarm clock! it is asome all right, button 1 alous time to be set, button 2 is alarm set button 3 adds a hour and button 4 adds  a min.


This is the fire sword kai uses, it is extreamly hot! A powerful weppon for battle! Well that’s it for now , and that ninja is named kai bye the way, Bye!

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#38 stud mystery

DSC00363 DSC00362 DSC00360 DSC00359 DSC00361

Welcome back! I made this creashoin out of more than 1,500 bricks! I bet you like challenges, so this set you’re helping me find the lego studs there is 10 studs to find, I used laval, ginger bread man, pc manic, skate border, 1 of harry potter’s teachers heads, and a sea pirate(halve mermaid halve pirate). Hope you play with legos, Bye!

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#36: 70123 LEGO CHIMA Legend BEAST (Lion)


Welcome!If you like CHIMA then your in for a treat!This is the box for CHIMA’s LEGEND BEAST!This is only one of the five CHIMA LEGEND BEASTs!This one is the lion LEGEND BEAST there is also Eagle,Gorilla,Crocodile,and

Wolf LEGEND BEASTs!For under $10.00 dollars!


This is the back of the LEGEND BEAST (Lion)Also Laval From the Lion TRIBE,Is really Curios,gets into trouble and is the son of the KING Lion is on the legend beast!

This is the side of the legend beast,the beast has sharp claws to attack,shred,hunt,protect,and eat!

this is the front of the legend beast,Laval Lav-al has a shield and a chi sword and also is sitting on the legend beast!

I dedicate this to my dad,the Ramen Rater, http://www.ramen rater.com please go on it!

I did this review all by my self!I got this set at toys’r’us!

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