#50 Mystery machine! from scooby doo!


This is the Mystery Machine! There is a Zombie, scooby, Shaggy, fred, and a plant (or tree) monster in this set!


This is the plant monster! but where is the Zombie? found it yet??? It clung on to the plant monster! on the back are some computers controlling the monster! you would never know that enless you got one of these sets!


this is the mystery machine in person, out of the box! Fred is holding an actual magnifing glass! in the mystery machine, there is a lego sandwich, a ton of search supplies and a camera! also you can fit some minifigs in it! 2 in the front and 1-3 in the back! it takes a lot of work to build, plus the fun stickers, so good luck building this! I wonder what other lego sets there are that are themed scooby doo, like the TV seires! I love scooby doo and the series were they stop an evil monster prof. Perricleese goes into! in this series they learn about the 4 elements, water, air, fire and the last one I don’t remember. after solving all the mysterys they move out of Crystal cove and solve more in the next series!

I hope you enjoyed the set and I’ve gotta go. but keep posted for you never know when I’ll post next! BYE Bye!


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