#51 Lego creatoin, war edition!

Hello everybody! today I’m going to show you what I built, LEGO war themed.


Here is team monster. you can tell the different teams apart by looking at the white monster and the black Dragon! each team bids there flag and fights to the end! the winner capures the enemy’s flag!


here is team Dragon! team Dragon has a mighty knight and a dragon with fire in its mouth!


this is team dragon’s flag! even if team monster defeats team dragon, the scorpian hurts and poison’s team monster! and if that fails, the corpian will run with the flag, sneaky!


this is a gas flag, free gas at gas stations in other words. this is a very rare flag and native to team dranster. (only works if team dragon and team monster become one team!) team dranster disbanded five years ago, turning into two enemy teams!


this is the battle field up above! the tentakales are team monster’s portal blocker, because if team dragon goes in there, they’ll lose 5 hp per 1/2 minute why’ll team monster takes no damage! same with the other portal that leads to base, booby trapped! also the mailbox teleports mail to both places, CORRECTLY! well I’ve gotta go but have fun building!

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