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#48 The Lego Movie Set 70817 + Video!

Today I’m going to show you a video of 70817, A LEGO MOVIE SET!

Thank you

for watching and have a good time!

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legoland 1.0.3 (legos from my collechon) starring laval


welcome back Lego fans! today I’m showing Lego land again  but with 2 new zones! zone 1 hase two people. Latley sea pirate has mareid gilly studs and is EVIL!

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#47 trains!

Hi! Lego fans! today if you also like trains, today’s you’re lucky day!


This is a 3 in 1 set! you can build 1 of 3 train parts! the trains connect and can be pulled just by the back or the front! the leading part is my favorite! if you have lego tracks… put the train on them, push it, and the train will move!


These are the parts you can build… front, carrage, and back! If you like trains and get this set, do first the front!


My dad (the ramen rater) is holding the finished train! If you got 3 sets, build all 3 parts! Noodle lovers should also visit http://theramenrater.com! If you like pokemon visit my other website at http://pokemonandy.wordpress.com! Or tap on pokemonandy on the top right corner! So I’ve got 2 more sets after this that will be done next time. If you can terria the game is super famous, also known as the side scroller minecraft! I hilley recemend it! If you like construckshen then you’ll like one of the next 2! If you love the lego movie then you’ll like the other one! Lego minecraft is popular! If you love legos and minecraft… then you will love the lego minecraft micros, and normal sized ones, posts #42-#46 have 4 diferent lego minecraft sets! If you like pokemon also visit http://pokemon.com!  If you can’t find legos any ware go to the lego store! If you can’t find lego minecraft the lego store and target mite have some. Well I have to go lego fans,BYE, BYE!

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#46 21113 The cave lego minecraft (not micro)

welcome back and today i am going to show you THE CAVE!


welcome back Steve! today your going into a cave with zombies and spiders!


BRAINS is his game! he eats’em all day! zombies try in minecraft to spawn and kill players! they walk up to your avatar and hit your avatar in tell your avatar dies! stealing armour to wear and to protect it self! minecraft zombies have 20 HP.


OH NO! a spider jumps on you to try and damage your avatar in minecraft! these 20 HP monsters carry string and there eyes to collect, helping you brew potions and make a bow and a fishing rod!


this is a TNT block, here to explode like a creeper. these blocks explode when caught on fire! destroying everything but lava, water, obisidean, and bedrock (strongest block in game, no breaking!)


this set is made for kids 8+, 249 bricks and this is the list of the characters! steve (with stone pickaxe), zombie, and spider!


oh no! the spider is attacking steve! behind him! i would put a TNT trap to stop the spider, there is 3 kinds of spiders, spider, cave spider (posinis), and spider jockie ( rare and deadly!)


RUN FROM THE ZOMBIE! the zombie is trying to eat your brains! so minecraft is the building game from mojang! they build minecraft updates for the game starting in 1990’s! minecraft you use the a, s, d, w, comands to move aruond! so you punch trees for wood, mine dimond for wepons and tools, and you kill mobs for meat! well I’ve gotta go, BYE!

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#45 21114 LEGO MINECRAFT The Farm (Not MICRO)

today I’m showing a farm, minecraft farm! Animals, check! plants, check! it has every thing! but what mobs are there? lets see!


this is a skeleton! these hostile mobs are arrow shooting, 20 life, undead creatures! kill one with a bow 50+ blocks away from it you’ll get an achevment, a hard one complete!


this is Steve, the one guy near the open gates, and the one avatar you start out as in minecraft! he’s staring at the crafting table, the block closes to him! his brother, is HEROBRINE! the most evily strong bad guy in the game!Steve is holding a shovel!


this is the farm! the green circles are sugar canes! the yellow stubs are wheat, the green ones are water melons! and the orange block is a pumpkin! torches burn loudly as water goes down stream! the skeleton is in this photo, do you see it? here’s a hint, its near the tree! another hint, see any brown? the bow’s brown.


Steve can ware the pumpkin on his head! just take off his head and replace it with the pumpkin! in the background there is the animals,  we’ll see them in jest a second!


here’s a count of the characters and the amount of pecices in the set, there is 262 lego bricks in there! this set is for ages 8+.


here is a chest with a loaf of bread in it! the bread will be eaten if you hold the bread then hold the right side of the mouse! only in the game though.


MOO! BAA! its time for the animals! cows have 10 HP while sheep have 10 HP also! well I have to go, bye!

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#44 lego minecraft micro nether

again is the minecraft micros, but this time in the nether!


this is a minecraft micro nether set that has 469 lego bricks in it, a lot right? so me and my dad (the ramen rater) worked together to build this!


this is a humanoid that is a mix of a zombie and a pig. so lots of gravel, lava, and ghasts.


this is a ghast, these ghosts float around tring to burn you with fireballs! there is an acheavment that if you hit a fireball back at a ghast… and if it dies… you get a achevment done! DSC00042

this is the acuall size of a ghast and the zombie pigman.


this is a nether portal, go in it and either go to the overworld, or the nether! (depends on where you are)


is it big, yes it is! you can use the pieces and create your own or use the instruckchons to build this! lots of pieces and really tough, but worth to build! i hear that there is the new mincraft legos that are not micro but the normal sized legos! so minecraft is a video game that you try to build, kill, and slay bosses! also watch out for witches! there is an ender dragon with a dragon egg that is very dangerous, searusly. he has 200HP and another one has 100HP and has dimond aumor and he is legendary! his name is herobrine! he tries to slauthter you with a dimond sword, and is very powerful! there is youtube videos with mods or the auall thing! well i have to go, bye!

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#043:21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World

So I bet you’ve hered about the new mincraft micros starring: overworld, neather, village, and the end! well I’m about to show you the box of the overworld!


This is the over world box for 10+ but I don’t think you have to be 10+ to build. I should tell you I could not find all the LEGOS needed to build this… So be careful, O.K.? Good so now I’ll Show this massive product.


there is a house to the top right, trees in the bottom right and top left, and a lava river in the bottom left! I wish I could Find that creeper head and steve’s mouth so I could build them… but it came out great! I got to make the top wi’ll papa builds the bottom! Team work rules! well I wonder how much it costs, wait, it is $34.99! expensive right? well think of mincraft legos this way, playing mincraft is hard right? playing legos is not hard, it is achally quite easay! well heres the next picture.


well today is a fine day and i’m going to give you a tip, the tip is sometimes you have to build the characters first with really hard ones but this dificutty is meduim. so it worth it right? well you look at the picture theres a hole on the side… well thats normal. its a cave to search for dimond with, which there is a total of 4 dimond ore in there and 2-3 gold blocks! well also steve could be eqiped with a steel sword and so could the creeper so get creative. well I’ve got to go… BYE!

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Legoville The Game

todays the day that I post another Lego mini game! I have been not posting for a bit, but… I’ve started to build again! here are some pics of this mini game.


This is the prize! A dimond! I thoght ware to put the prize and I chose the end of the board! I thoght I could make the minifigs Go on an adventure! Also the names of these minifigs are shone later.


This is frank, the indain with hope! I think this indain had a bad start in the game.


Laval, Wildstyle and Emmet  are having trouble with getting past the system! there is also are friend princess unkitty! there tring and tring but no luck. the way to open the gate is by getting six on the dice one or two dice are needed to play this game!


I  took a pic of this gate so you can see it! after the gate is opened you win a dimond! and you say who’s in 4th 3rd and 2nd place! also today insted of a lego brick of the day we’ll do info of Emmet! Emmet is nine years old, his favorite snack is french fries, and he is help full. well I hope you have a great day bye!

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#42 legoland (LEGO bricks from my collection) staring Emett


welcome to my form of LEGO land, I have been working on this for a while now! here’s the name of the minifigs, sea pirate, unikity, bob, crazyman there is more in the next picks.


This is a pick of the place. try making your own LEGO land!


oh no! a robot is behind emett! Also wildstyel (liucy) is dancing with emett!


Mr. snail is friends with the gigner bread man! they met on the slug site! today’s brick of the day is……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. a blue flat 1×2 piece! well good bye!

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#41 Lego Erasers


Welcome back Lego fans today I’m showing you  a 4 pack of 2×4 Lego bricks, but look closely and its a pack of Lego erasers. I can not open these ether, school erasers. todays brick of the day is a light green Lego stud! Did you know that in the Lego movie theres Lego bricks in cloud coocoo land that makes a halve sized mini figure snail! to see the snail go to post #37. The coluer of 1 lego brick is red, 2 yellow, 3 green and 4 orange. well that’s it for today, BYE!

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